Professional Collaboration

Landscape Architect Design We collaborate with design professionals like Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers and Contractors, Architects, Conservation Committees, and Custom Home Builders to deliver unique projects with custom cut, local stone.

We have the ability to transport stone from the project site, cut large stone and ledge at the site location, or supply hand-picked stone for your project from local or regional sources.

“Stone is our medium but we consider ourselves in the idea business.”

We can generate a custom proposal for your project or we can have a conversation about the original stone element that you’d like to create for that one of a kind, original feature that will elevate your project above the ordinary. So let your imagination run wild, sketch out an idea or just call us to talk possibilities.

We’ve created this custom info graphic to demonstrate how easy it is for us to collaborate…

Infographic showing how easy it is to collaborate with Pawjer Earth Products
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