Stone Monuments are made to memorialize any event, occasion, or life well lived.

All that is needed for Pawjer Earth Products to make you a stone monument is a unique stone and a reason that is important to you. We can provide the former; the latter can be to remember an event, as a gift to a school or organization, or to memorialize a beloved pet.

Stone monuments can be used symbolically as representations of relationships with custom inscriptions or images to place in your private garden, in a public location.

Muster Rock Memorial installation in Goffstown NH by Pawjer Earth Products

Using an artistic eye, we can choose a stone as unique as the subject you want to memorialize.

We can create a monument out of existing stone on your property or choose frm the vast collection of stone we have gathered from the region. Pawjer Earth Products can take your stone monument project from conception to installation in your landscape.

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Inscribed Muster Rock installed for the town of Gofftown NH by Pawjer Earth Products

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