A rustic stone walkway fits in perfectly with your New Hampshire landscape.

There is nothing more durable or elegant than a stone walkway. It extends the rustic beauty of nature right to your front door. A stone walkway designed and installed by Pawjer Earth Products is the perfect fit to add value to your New Hampshire home.

With decades of experience and our unique, stone cutting process, we create walking surfaces out of boulders that feel solid under foot and are pleasing to the eye. A custom stone walkway paves the way to any destination in your landscape such as the main entry to your home, an entertaining destination like a patio or firepit, or to the shoreline of a waterfront property.

Custom stone walkway by Pawjer Earth Products

We use our proprietary stone cutting technology to create one of a kind, custom stone walkways for our clients.

We use stone found on your property, or stone locally sourced and repurpose it to create a walkway for you that is one of a kind, and a natural part of the history of this region. A custom designed, stone walkway from Pawjer Earth Products adds historic, lifelong value to your home.

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Top view of a stone walkway leading to the lake

You deserve a custom stone walkway for your property.


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