Stone Benches for a place to rest and enjoy the landscape.

We create custom stone benches for many of our projects and collaborations. It is a feature that is often a welcomed element in almost every landscape. Many of the examples below were formed from stone found right on the project site. This repurposing of existing stone can connect these custom features in a unique way to the history of the site itself.

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Stone benches at a private school in New Hampshire

Pawjer Earth Products creates and installs stone benches for residential, municipal, and park projects throughout New Hampshire.

Stone benches can be created from boulders located on your property or from boulders that we source locally. Install a stone bench in your landscape project to provide a place for visitors pause and take in the beautiful outdoors. Add a grouping of stone benches as a destination for groups to gather or as an intimate outdoor destination for just a few people.

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Custom Stone Bench for Municipal Project

Make your landscape unique with the addition of a single stone bench or a grouping of stone benches


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